Friday, 31 May 2013

Playing Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a simple and classic arcade game that is entertaining and easy to play. This game for people who likes to enjoy, have fun and combine it with a bit of relaxation. It's a diversion from games that are quite difficult and complex, and playing it can help you to loosen up a bit. It is an arcade game which is visually stimulating because it has colorful bubbles on the board and aside from that you can also hear cool sound effects in the background while you play.
How to play
Playing this game requires you to clear the board with as much bubbles as you can in one shot. Aim to fire at the bubbles which have the same color as the bubble that is also being fired. Once a cluster of three or more similarly colored bubbles collide, then a bubble fireworks takes place as bubbles of the same color explodes into tiny pieces. The number of bubbles on the board is lessened and this is how you score points for this game. The bigger the cluster of similarly colored bubbles burst, the greater the score that you will get with each shot. You will also get more free space on the board and it will make it easier for you to be able to play this game well. The best way to play this game is to always remember that its important to take the time to plan first where you will aim to shoot the bubbles.
For amateur players you can start playing the novice level but if you're already experienced then you can go for expert level and if you are already adept then go for the master level which is a notch and two notches more difficult relatively. When playing the game, be sure to have a strategy so that you can burst a whole lot of bubbles in one go. Don't go through it very quickly because the more you shoot, the more possibility of bubbles that will be added on the board making it very crowded. Be sure to check at the lower left side where you will see what color the next bubble will be so that you will be able to plan your next move. On the lower left side of the screen, there are four silver bubbles and one of them will be removed each time you fire a shot and fail to burst bubbles. The board will drop one level lower when all silver bubbles are gone and firing a bubbles becomes more difficult. The remedy is to aim well and be sure with every shot that is fired.
Adjustment of settings
Adjustment of the settings for this game can be done by clicking on the setup button at the upper right hand corner of the game screen. You can adjust the color of the board, and you can choose the difficulty level of the game. Other settings that you can change are the sound whether to turn it on or off and adjust the volume of the sound. Animation can also be enabled. There are also options such as auto save and graphics acceleration but in order to avail of it you must download the upgraded version of the game software, it has enhanced visual and sound effects and you can avail of it for free